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Calm Sea

Share Wisdom on the Eastern Shore

We partner with museums, parks, environmental non-profits, cultural organizations and other educators on the Eastern Shore to provide educational opportunities for our members.


We also seek local Eastern Shore artists, teachers, farmers, tradesmans, or individual with wisdom and skill to share with the youth of our community.

You may donate a class, or you can set a reasonable fee per family depending on time and materials needed.   All fees will go directly to you.


Please write to with a class description so we can help you share your gifts.


Coastal Wisdom is run by unpaid volunteers. Charitable donations are appreciated and will go to upkeep of website, events, community building and marketing materials. 


Are you passionate about connection to place, education and community?  Do you love the Eastern Shore and want to preserve its culture and environment? You can become a wisdom teacher or tribe member or help us grow our reach through your own unique gifts.   We welcome your talents.   Please write to to volunteer your services.


There are lots of ways you can help Coastal Wisdom.  We need wisdom teachers and members but we also need access to local places, land to hold classes, connections to people who share our passion, and new ideas for  growth and vision.   Please contact to help.


Coastal Wisdom is centered and grounded in community.  If you are an individual or work with another educational organization on the Eastern Shore we welcome your partnership and participation in our efforts to educate our children.

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